Spell Jars

A spell jar for every one of life's aspects.

Spell jars are a great way to trigger a manifestation or boost protection, or really so many other reasons. 

Depending on what you are going through, theres sure to be a spell jar to help you in your journey.


Magickal Botanical

Your go-to handbook for herbs, crystals, spell jar and herbal blend recipes

After months of tireless searching for that perfect go-to, easy-to-read botanical book filled with beautiful illustrations and straight forward information I was ready to give up. That is until some spiritual sisters confirmed that there is no such book in existance and that I may need to make my own. To which I rose to the challange and made the "Magickal Botanical" book.


Pendulum Readings

Unveiling your journey through the sacred divination of Pendulum dowsing.

Whether you have a nagging question or maybe you just want a general guide to the next few months of your life. You've come to the right place.