about us


Aya has always had one thought - happiness is a choice.

For years she has been a lover of nature, mysticism, the metaphysical, knowledge, and truth.


In her late 20s, a trip to Daylesford uncovered her path; she was exposed to things that she always knew deep down were out there, finding a new sense of purpose.


She was able to unpack and understand what that path looked like and how it could be used to help others. Being able to understand the universal teachings gave her the ability to guide others through their spiritual growth and journey. Creating a safe space that gives others the ability to accelerate and shift into their “Heart Space”.


Aya doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she is confident in what she knows and has the knowledge and research behind her, to facilitate and guide others on their individual path.


We are all capable of living more organically and authentically.


In our early years of development, we all lived in our untainted truth. After years of outside influence and societal pressures, we slowly pushed our inner truth away and began to live by the truth of our environment, our friends, our families, our preachers, and our teachers. Eventually keeping our inner truth dormant.


Now is the time to shift the veil and remerge as our whole. Understanding and learning to look inwards to find our own truths and trusting our inner wisdom again.


We offer our services because it is our duty, and it is necessary. Every day we are hearing from more and more people who are being pushed to look for “more” without the prior knowledge of what that “more” is.


Have you ever felt like something was missing? Maybe a feeling of an itch just waiting to be scratched. You may have felt a lump in your throat or as if you were about to implode but weren’t sure why. These are all feelings we have had, feelings that felt like a cloud over our sunny days. It was not until we found our inner truth and gave into it that we felt a weight lifted, a veil had shifted, and relief was gifted.


Acknowledging our truth is the first step, understanding and nurturing it is where our journey begins.


Every person’s journey is different. We all come from many different walks of life, and we therefore cannot assume that there is a “one size fits all” approach to the profound discovery of our inner truth.


At Sacred Unveiling, we offer different methods which may include talk therapy, chakra workings, reiki healing, journey facilitating, plant medicine, intuitive readings, sound healing, support groups, cleansing rituals and more.


An openly spiritual journey has no rule book therefore, your experiences will be dependent on your needs. We also focus on integration. This is where we teach you how to use all your learnings in everyday life, giving you the most optimal outcome.

Mission Statement

Guiding your spiritual journey toward finding your inner truth and living authentically.