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Ignite your inner lover

Bridging the gap between intimacy and spirituality
- Open to individuals and couples -

The details

Saturday the 19th of November
6 - to - 9pm
Please note that this event is open to  women and/or their partners or plutonic friends

What is it?

A night of sacred practices, crafted to explore conscious relating. This is done through the introduction of dance, tantric practices, presence and play. Explore the connection with your body as the Inner Lover and play with the natural energy that is awakened within you. 

 Who is this right for?

✔️Women or couples looking to relate more deeply
✔️Women or couples curious about what it means to ignite your inner lover
✔️Women or couples seeking knowledge of sensual energetic practices
✔️Women or couples leading with an open heart or wanting to.


 What We Do

✨ We begin by establishing consensual boundaries
✨ You'll then Immerse yourself in guided self practices
✨ Experience guided breath work to create pleasurable sensations in your body
✨ Take part in Tantric practices and pleasure play you can recreate at home And experiential solo, with a partner or a group..
✨ Receiving and giving of conscious touch participation is at your comfort level. 

 Who are we?

Put simply, we are women (all who identify as) who understand and respect the power and importance of the divine feminine. Our gatherings are a way for us to connect. Creating a safe space where you can feel heard, collaborate, learn and develop yourself through shared wisdom.
​We have gathered for deeper connections through discussion and experience since the times of the ancients. It is up to us to continue this tradition and create new ones, together.
We take the empowered, spiritual and metaphysical approach and combine that with our everyday experiences.


 Why we do this

We believe that connection with a healthy Inner Lover allows a fuller sense of self fulfilment and minimises hungry, leaky and possibly unhealthy interactions. This gathering of  soulds allows for exploration of yourself within a safe group space. 

 About your facilitator

Sacred Unveiling is honoured to partner with Helen Zee.
​Helen creates and holds space for transitions to occur. She helps women, men and couples to connect deeply through pathways that create satisfying loving relationships with self and others. Helen is passionate about creating a future world of conscious relationships and parenting, by firstly exploring our intimacy and connection of our own selves. As a Fertility Practitioner and Tantric Intimacy Coach, she helps open the pathway to higher expression of our truest nature. Supporting the emergence of satisfying relationships, optimising lifestyle and using conscious conception for optimising fertility. Helen challenges the status quo of “stuckness and stagnation” to create newness and flow.


Ananda Yoga Studio
1681 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave
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