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Combining Women's Circle, Cacao Ceremony + Tarot


Are you ready to connect with your inner power and celebrate the fierce goddess within you? On this International Women’s Day, get ready to experience something truly special as Spirit of Cacao, Sacred Unveiling, and St Soleil  join forces to bring you an unforgettable women's circle like no other!
What's even more magical is that this year's International Women's Day falls on a full moon, making it the perfect time to tap into your intuition and manifest your deepest desires. We are so excited to celebrate this powerful moment with you!
Get ready to experience an enchanting blend of women's circle, cacao ceremony, and tarot reading!
✨ Join us as we come together to honor the divine feminine energy, share our stories and connect with one another on a deeper level.
✨ The sweet, rich aroma of cacao will awaken your senses and help you to feel grounded and centered. As we sip our ceremonial grade cacao, provided by Spirit of Cacao, our hearts will open, and we'll be able to tap into our creativity and intuition.
✨ Our tarot readings will provide you with guidance and insight into your path forward in your womanhood.
✨ As an added bonus, the incredible team at St Soleil is gifting each goddess an Inner Focus Rituals Journal, valued at $56!
This is a one-off event that you won't want to miss! So gather your sisters, friends, and anyone who is ready to celebrate the power of the divine feminine.


 Who is this right for?

✔️  Women at any stage in their spiritual journey.
✔️  Open-minded women looking to expand their perspective.
✔️  Women seeking to lead with an open heart and nourish their minds.
✔️  Women who crave deeper connections with other women.
✔️  Women who value nurturing their minds and embracing the beauty of life.

 What happens?

✨  A warm welcome as we introduce and acknowledge each member of the circle
✨  Setting our intentions and sipping on our heart opening ceremonial cacao, infused with Reiki
✨  Grounding Meditation to anchor you in the present moment.
✨  Opening an engaging theme for the evening, with opportunities for members to share their voices (if comfortable)
✨  Experience a mini Tarot reading  to delve into your womanhood
✨  Connect deeper with your sisters through a shared activity
✨  A memorable close to the evening as we recap and express gratitude in meditation

your gift from st soleil

Inner Focus - A Ritual Journal
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Why we do this

The women's circle is a space where women from all walks of life can come together to embrace the unifying power of womanhood. By acknowledging and overcoming the struggles that we all share as women, we become stronger and more empowered as individuals and as a community.
The women's circle is more than just a place to talk about supporting one another; it is a space for action and transformation. Through deep connections, clear communication, and uplifting one another, we cultivate a supportive and inspiring environment for growth in all areas of life.
Join us in weaving a tapestry of sisterhood, where we celebrate each other's triumphs and hold each other in high regard. By becoming part of this powerful movement of women who are transforming each other's lives, you'll find yourself surrounded by a community of growth and empowerment. The women's circle awaits you, ready to welcome you with open arms.

About our Facilitators

Aya is a spiritual woman who has dedicated her life to studying the different methods, theories, and philosophies that shape our existence. She invites like-minded women to join her on a journey of self-discovery, where they can explore the wonders of the universe together in a supportive and empowering community. Through their upcoming women's circle, participants will gain insight into their unique paths, connect with other women on their own journeys, and learn from each other. This is an opportunity to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe and unleash one's full potential, all while creating unforgettable memories along the way. Join Aya on this transformative journey and experience the power of a supportive community on the path of self-discovery.
Georgia is a Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist, Pellowah Healer II, and Reiki Master who is dedicated to spreading her knowledge and enthusiasm for self-mastery through the power of ceremony and private sessions. With her expertise and experience, Georgia aims to inspire others to tap into their inner shaman and embrace their potential for self-healing and empowerment. Her passion for her craft is evident in her approach, and her clients can expect to receive thoughtful guidance and support on their journey towards greater self-awareness and personal growth. 
Elyse is a knowledgeable Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Cacao Ceremonialist. With a focus on balancing the body, mind, and soul, she utilizes Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Indian healing modality that offers customized routines, specialized massage and bodywork, diet, and herbs to promote overall health and well-being. Elyse brings a unique approach to holistic healing by incorporating Reiki and Cacao Ceremonies into her practice. Her goal is to provide individualized care to each of her clients by catering to their specific needs, allowing them to achieve optimal health and balance in their lives.
About our collaborators
Spirit of Cacao
Georgia and Elyse are the co-founders of Spirit of Cacao, a business that works with the cacao plant medicine. Both initiated by the Spirit of Cacao after six years of working with the plant, they started the business as they felt drawn to its healing abilities. As Master Reiki Practitioners, they share the sacred Spirit of Cacao and its deep healing abilities with Australia and the world, using single-origin Criollo cacao from Peru made specifically for medicine men and women to use in ceremony. Each batch of cacao is imbued with Reiki to amplify its effects, meaning that clients receive not only the benefits of cacao but also the physical, spiritual, and emotional healing of Reiki. Elyse, who is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Cacao Ceremonialist, brings her knowledge of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old Indian healing modality, to the practice to provide clients with a holistic approach to wellness and balance.
St Soleil
'St. Soleil', meaning 'Holy Sun', was founded in 2018 under a new moon in Australia. The brand has since gained a cult-following of Modern Mystics for its spiritually-considered offerings. St. Soleil creates refined, quality pieces through an intuitive process of creation that results in timeless treasures intended to nourish the soul for years to come. Now based in LA, the brand is evolving and expanding into a new chapter with open hearts, eager minds, and burning souls of light. The name 'St. Soleil' is a representation of the life-giving vital energy of the Sun, which nourishes and illuminates our world.

 The Space

Coburg Meditation Wellness Spiritual Studo

Located close to transport this hidden studio is easy to get to yet quiet.
Address: Sacred Unveiling Studio - 8/48-52 Sydney Road, Coburg
NOTE: Please Buzz #8 upon arrival
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