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What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a journey from external activity to inner silence. For most of your life, you may be busy doing things, but meditation will give you the opportunity to just Be. The opportunity to remember that in your essence you are a human being rather than a human doing. Meditation guides you to quieter and quieter levels of the thinking process until you slip beyond thought to discover the perfection that you are and have always been. The perfection has been hidden by layers of stress, fatigue, toxins, doubts, fears, and confusion.


However, even though meditation is a powerful antidote to stress and toxicity, I think of this as a side benefit. The true value of meditation is the spiritual awakening it brings. Through regular practice of meditation, you not only reconnect with your own essence, but you also begin to understand your interconnectedness with everyone and everything else. The separateness, which leads to so many challenges in the world, begins to dissolve into a deep sense of peace and harmony; an unconditional love begins to bloom, bringing understanding and compassion; and your connection with the Divine is reestablished opening you to higher states of consciousness.


Why Meditate?

Between any two thoughts you have, there’s a space. If there wasn’t a space, everything would be happening at the same time. This space has two very important qualities.

First, it’s silent. If it wasn’t, it would be the next thought. Second, it’s not an empty silence, but a silence filled with infinite possibilities. Even though most of the time, your thoughts follow certain predictable patterns, conditioned by your memories and desires, between any two thoughts is the possibility for any other thought. However, you are not your thoughts; you are the one who is thinking the thoughts so the only place where the thinker of the thoughts can be is also in the spaces between your thoughts. This is your soul, your essence, and who you really are at your most profound level. And, because your essence is in the spaces between your thoughts, who you really are is silence and infinite possibilities.


During meditation, your awareness settles to finer and finer levels of thought until you slip into the spaces between the thoughts, you dip into the silence, the infinite possibilities, you bump into the Self. When you jump into a swimming pool, you come out wet, you bring some of the water with you. Just so, when you slip into the spaces between your thoughts, you bring the silence and infinite possibilities back into your life. You begin to restore the memory of who you really are.


By making this journey back and forth on a regular basis, you begin to reintegrate these qualities into your everyday life. You reestablish the silence that underlies all the noise and activity so that even in the midst of chaos and confusion, even in the midst of dynamic activity, you can still remain calm, you can still think clearly and creatively. As infinite possibilities begin to dawn, you are able to break out of the prison of habits and conditioning that you have created for yourself. You enter a world of free will, where you make the choices that are correct for you.


As you reduce your stress levels and begin to make the right lifestyle choices with your diet, exercise, and sleeping habits, your health naturally improves. When you feel healthier and happier and live life from your essence, your relationships become more harmonious and meaningful. As individual relationships become more harmonious, the collective relationships of a society grow harmoniously. So you can predict that, when enough people practice meditation, world peace is possible.


The benefits discussed here often begin to be noticed in the first few days or weeks of meditating regularly. The spiritual benefits also begin from your first meditation. Although the spiritual benefits may take longer to manifest fully in your life, their effects are profound, eventually revealing a world of higher states of consciousness to you. Everything you experience in the relative world exists or, you can say is localized, in space and time. Even your thoughts and emotions, while you may not be able to locate them in space, have a duration in time. However, the one who is having the experience, the Real You, is beyond space and time. The Real You is nonlocal. During meditation, you make the journey from the local to the nonlocal and back again. Through regular practice, the nonlocal becomes integrated along with the locals. You begin to live 200% of life, outer fullness merged with inner fullness, enlightenment.

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