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Nefertem Tears Blue Lotus Elixer.png

Moringa Oil +

Sacred Blue Lotus

The perfect addition to your sacred beverage rituals and ceremonies.



Blue Lotus

Deep Relaxation -

Reduced Anxiety -

Boosts Collagen -

Helps Maintain Blood-Sugar levels -

Natural Aphrodisiacs -


Moringa Oil

Rich in Antioxidants -

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels -

- Reduces Inflammation -

- Lowers Cholesterol -

High in -

  Protein -  

 Vitamin B6 -  

 Vitamin B2 -  

 Vitamin C -  

 Vitamin A -  

Magnesium -  

Iron -  



This concentrated tincture is provided in a handy and easily accessable dropper bottle. Add one to three drops in your ceremonial cacao or healing teas. To experience the euphoric and third eye opening feeling treasured by the ancient egyptians 5000 years ago.

Cacay Oil +

Egyptian Blue Lotus

The perfect addition to your Beauty Ritual.



Blue Lotus

- Moisturises Dry Skin

- Fights Inflammation

- Promotes Smooth Skin Texture

- Calms and Sooths Irritated Skin

- Balances Oil Productions (which can 

  help to prevent acne)

- Prevents Free Radical Damage (due to

  its antioxidant content)


Cacay Nut Oil -

- Smoother & Longer Hair

- Healthier & More Voluminous Hair

- Stimulates Collagen

- Reduces Wrinkles

- Hydrates Skin

- Improves Skin Elasticity

- Improves Skin Tone

- Reduces the formation of Acne

- Scar and Stretch Mark Reduction

- Reduces Pigmentation

- Improves Skin Texture

- Increases Skin Hydration


Face - 

Use one to three drops to your beauty ritual to help rejuvinate and restore your skin in a natural and gentle way.


Hair - 

Place one to three drops on and warm them between your fingers then work it into your scalp and hair.


Anointing - 

Set your intention and place a drop of this oil onto your third eye before meditation or spiritual work to encourage the opening and steady flow of your third eye chakra.

Face Oil.png
The Making Of

Handmade with love in Australia.

Over a period of 3 weeks (yes, the long way... to ensure that none of the properties are damaged in the process) we infuse the Moringa & Cacay oil with the blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) to give us this healing topical tincture. 

The History of Nefertem

Nefertum (Nefertem, Nefertemu) was the god of the lotus blossom who emerged from the primeval waters at the beginning of time, and a god of perfume and aromatherapy. He may have originally been considered to be an aspect of Atum.


According to the creation story of the Ennead in Heliopolis, Nefertum (translated as beautiful Atum, or perfect Atum) was born from a blue lotus bud which emerged from the waters of Nun at the beginning of creation.


Atum represented the sun and so Nefertum represented the sunrise. He cried because he was alone and his tears created humanity. It was thought that he was born with every sunrise, matured into  Atum during the day before passing into the world of the dead every sunset. The cycle of birth in the morning and death every evening (as the sun travelled through the underworld) represented the daily struggle between Chaos and Order (Ma’at).

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