disco night? anyone?

I had a vision for this powder room.. I mean its such a tiny space that can get really boring and lifeless so I accepted the challenge and imagined a quirky little fun-box inspired by an 80's disco with a modern edge.

Step One -

Work with the tiny-ness not against it... I had one wall painted black (which in a tight space looks even tighter but I didn't let that bother me.

Step Two -

Get Messy and create a feature wall that will reflect in the mirror

Step Three -

Add a shelf to display some décor & simultaneously hide the power point.

Step Four -

Have a custom neon sign made to overwhelm & excite all who enter.

Step Five -

Sit back & enjoy my accomplishments

I have honestly dreamt of having a neon sign in my house since I was little. I just think they are a fantastic way to add something over the top and fun.

It took me about a month to decide on what I wanted (with some help and support from my followers)

& then another additional month to decide on which company to order it from.

There is a plethora of companies that make neon signs, but only one that ticked all my boxes.

- User friendly website *TICK*

- Pop'n Instagram *TICK*

- Affordable Pricing *TICK*

- Helpful & Patient Staff *TICK*

Sketch & Etch were my go to.

By the time we were done with this one, I ended up purchasing another...

This is the girl that could barely afford one... and now I was getting two!!! *SQUEELS*

Anywho, I think that sums it up. I hope you enjoy the look of this powder room as much as I do!

xoxo Gossip Girl