it all happened so quickly

I remember when I first started this, I thought it would be a great idea to keep you guys updated. However, what I didn't realise since this was my first Renault. The whole process was overwhelming and took up every second of my day. Especially when you're trying to turn a 2 Storey apartment around in In 11 days. So I do apologise.

This place was so dated... I couldn't bare looking at it... see for yourself

Anyway, I've gone ahead and uploaded our before and after photos. Of course, the apartment isn't yet 100% finished, but I will get around to doing everything. However, more importantly, I wanted to share with you the progress as well as. I am going to start sharing with you the little nifty tips and tricks that I used, as well as some of my DIY ideas.

 Some of you may already know. I went through a lot of stress when my project manager didn't show up and then made it out like it was my fault. He wasn't going to show up, he was two hours late to the job, so I started calling him. He then had the balls to message me an hour later saying we were on the way, but saw your missed calls. So turned the car around.

Who does that? How is that OK anyway? Luckily I'm very well versed with apps like seeking Services, high pages as well as Airtasker. I ended up managing to book a new plumber and new Kitchen guy and even new electrician.

Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without those sort of apps, Note to self… Get on those apps, they really help.

I do have to say though, even though that sounds like a nightmare, someone not rocking up, it really was meant to be because every single person we hired after that was absolutely fantastic. And the painter and the flooring guy that I had hired before that. Absolutely fantastic as well. I'll give you guys a list, a rundown of everyone we used just in case you guys are looking because honestly I could not recommend them highly enough, specially our electrician. I mean he is just. Full of ideas and he gets everything done and then some. He's kind of like a handyman that does it all.

Painter: Eddy from Rosella Painting Services

Flooring: Reza from Melbourne Best Flooring

Carpets: Steven from Concept Carpets

Re-Grouting: Reza from Mavan waterproofing

Plumbing: Tyler & Julian from Pipe Up Plumbing

Electrician/Handyman: Jonah from AirTasker

Tiling: Jason from High Tech Tiling

Anyway, I think that summarises it. For now. I'm going to go into a lot more detail in the future. I'm going to take some time to sit down and write up or make videos of basically everything I need to communicate to you, and I promise you I will get to it. It's just been a bit chaotic. And on Sunday I was finally able to actually have a nap and relax a little, but let me tell you when you go from never living in a double Storey house to all of a sudden living in a double Storey house that has stairs leading up to the actual apartment. Your quads really get a workout. I guess the next time you'll be seeing me I'll have massive thighs full of muscle. Ha ha ha.

Starter from the bottom now we here...

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