step number one

Planning, planning, planning... The key to a successful anything is planning and for renovations that’s doubly true. ​On September the 15th 2020 we’ll get the keys to our new apartment (it’s actually old but we’ll fix that). I have been planning and prepping for this reno for a while now and not only am I happy that I did so, but to be honest we were in lockdown and I didn’t exactly have much else to do.

I’ll be sharing as much as I can with you including where I purchased everything, who my tradies were, hacks, DIYs and so on.

Expect to see some detailed YouTube Videos, Instagram Stories/Posts/Lives and get used to the tab up top labelled “Purchases” which will have all the details of what I’ve purchased so far and what I’m planning to purchase.


*internal squeal of excitement*

Now lets show you some photos of apartment as it is right now *insert vomit emoji*

I should probably mention, these images are from adjacent apartments that are exact copies of our place pulled from google. (We don't have images of our one yet, but its even yuckier.. at least this one has been repainted)