the first bump in the road

You may remember me saying that things can go wrong when you're planning to renovate.. Well, here we are.

the tenants who currently live in the apartment we are trying to renovate were given a 60 day notice for the end of the lease agreement, which is the required amount by the tenancy act.

Now, we live in Victoria which as you may already know is in lockdown. Now it was made clear that no landlord can evict their tenants etc, which is completely fair enough.. It seems that now, tenants are able to simply refuse to move out even if it is an end of lease and so on.

Today I received a call that was completely unexpected, unfortunately the tenants have found and been approved for another property but they don't want to move until they see it (which they can't do because of Stage 4 restrictions).

Am I crazy for thinking thats a bit unfair?

Moving the dates, although annoying, isn't the main issue. The biggest issue is that now theres a ripple effect. Because of the delay it means that the landlords of our current residence now have to extend our lease further than we intended as well as cut our rent because we don't have the finances to continue paying the high rent at our current place..

Okay, okay maybe its not a big deal and I'm over reacting.. but for someone who is planning obsessed, this is really hard to swallow... did I break down and cry? YES! Can I do anything about it? NOPE....

This lockdown has been so difficult, and I was trying to be strong... this was my light at the end of the tunnel & now, its gone.

My point is.. this is life, you never know what will come up and derail your journey, no matter how much planning you've put into it. So although this is a very unique situation, I can't recommend enough that you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It really does help when you know you've done all you can.

Anyway, thats it for today. I'll update you when I have some news but for now... "TOOLS DOWN".