the four p's

Pinteresting, Photoshopping, Planning & Purchasing... In that order.

This is how I go about getting started on a big project like this. 1. Pinterest for creating a mood board, getting ideas, curating a colour palette and narrowing down your design style. This will set you up for success and really clarify what will and won't work for your space, visually. 2. Photoshop room by room. I can hear you rolling your eyes, I know not everyone has or knows how to use photoshop HOWEVER there are other options. You could go the old school method of printing and cutting out pictures and placing them into a "room" on paper. Otherwise you could use one of my favourite websites ShopLook which lets you use online images to create your own "space". Another must do is have a copy of your floor plan handy... ALWAYS. Know your measurements, become one with your measurements. 3. Planning for me comes down to budgeting. I truly believe if you have a good budget in place you can absolutely have a plan to purchase whatever it is you want in good time. Having an excel spreadsheet that projects months if not years in advance really enables you to forecast your spendings and savings like never before. I won't go into how to do this because I will tell you there are about 100000 templates out there that can get you started. 4. Purchasing items can be so much fun as well as stressful. I can't begin to tell you how crazy my friends think I am, let me explain. I have a habit of purchasing everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING well in advance. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a must, however if you want to get the best deals or not miss out on items that will sell out then this is a must. I currently have one whole room dedicated to furniture and decor that I've purchased for the new place and I'm so happy I have purchased most things because I can't tell you how many things I've purchased that have now sold out etc. Now this has been my fool proof plan that is yet to let me down so try all of it, try some of it or try none of it... regardless of what you decide to do, just remember that renos are hard work no matter what, but try and take in the process and enjoy it all. The good & the bad. Now let me show you my said photoshopped plans