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What you get:

1x Link to download the Digital PDF of Magickal Botanical

About the Book:
This book will become your go-to for simple, easy to use, straight-forward, basic herbal witchcraft practices.


Chapter One:
Filled with beautiful illustrations, information on the herbs such as the elements and ruling planets... as well as ways to use these herbs. For your convenience, I've also left you some space to take notes so that you can really make this book your own.


Chapter Two: 

Five starter crystals and their information. Such as ruling planet, frequency, magickal properties and basic easy to understand information.


Chapter Three:

My personal spell jar recipes that may serve you in your spiritual journey like they have served me.


Chapter Four:

My personal herbal smoke or seep blend recipes. Please remember that I am not a medical professional and I do not recommend this practice to you however I just want to share with you my personal journey. If you do injest these herbs through seeping in hot water or by smoking them, you are doing it at your own risk. I will advise however that if you do experience adverse reactions please seek immediate medical attention.

A Little Backstory:

After months of tireless searching for that perfect go-to, easy-to-read botanical book filled with beautiful illustrations and straight forward information I was ready to give up. That is until some spiritual sisters confirmed that there is no such book in existance and that I may need to make my own. To which I rose to the challange and made the "Magickal Botanical" book.


I am overjoyed with how it turned out.. 


Please Note: If any changes are made to the book before it goes to print you will be issued a new link to update to the final version

Magickal Botanical

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