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Join date: Aug 27, 2019


Aya has always had one thought - happiness is a choice.

For years she has been a lover of nature, mysticism, the metaphysical, knowledge, and truth.


In her late 20s, a trip to Daylesford uncovered her path; she was exposed to things that she always knew deep down were out there, finding a new sense of purpose.


She was able to unpack and understand what that path looked like and how it could be used to help others. Being able to understand the universal teachings gave her the ability to guide others through their spiritual growth and journey. Creating a safe space that gives others the ability to accelerate and shift into their “Heart Space”.


Aya doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she is confident in what she knows and has the knowledge and research behind her, to facilitate and guide others on their individual path.

  • Facilitator


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