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Reclaiming Your Pleasure

An intimate and sacred experience to cultivate more pleasure in your everyday life.

The details

Saturday the 4th of June
5:30pm to 8:30pm

What is it?

Reclaiming Your Pleasure is a workshop that covers practical tools and resources to help you cultivate more pleasure in your everyday life. Shoshi & Kat will teach you practical ways to unpack sexual shame, tap into your true desires, and live an erotically powered life. Discover the power of your pleasure with practices that explore breast heart compassion, sensuality vs sexuality, productivity as an epidemic and pleasure as an antidote, unlocking orgasms, yoni and womb clearing, orgasmic(ness) as an away of life, sex magic, and orgasmic manifestation.


 Who is this right for?

✔️ A woman just starting, well on, or experienced in her sacred pleasure path.
✔️ A woman with an open mind.
✔️ A woman leading with an open heart or wanting to.
✔️ A woman looking to connect deeper within herself and other women.
✔️ A woman that thrives on nourishing her mind with the pleasures life has to offer.


 What We Do

✨ Open Meditation - using sensual movement to step into the energy of pleasure.
✨ Sound bowl healing
✨ Acknowledgment of each member
✨ An introduction to what it means to live life pleasurably
✨  Open discussion exploring our connections and experiences with pleasure
✨ Sensual eating practices - (Light refreshments included)
✨ Experience partner activities and sensuality based activities
✨ Introduction to a workbook (to use and keep) intended to help you integrate what you've learned
✨ Celebrate each other through words of kindness, affirmation, and reflection
✨ Close Meditation - sealing our experience and grounding us

 Who are we?

Put simply, we are women (all who identify as) who understand and respect the power and importance of the divine feminine. Our gatherings are a way for us to connect. Creating a safe space where you can feel heard, collaborate, learn and develop yourself through shared wisdom.
​Women have gathered for deeper connections through discussion and experience since the times of the ancients. It is up to us to continue this tradition and create new ones, together.
We take the empowered, spiritual and metaphysical approach and combine that with our everyday experiences.


 Why we do this

The most fascinating thing about a women's gathering is that you will very quickly realise just how much we have in common. You will notice a pattern in the struggles and fears we share as women and just how many of us feel alone, not good enough, and even silenced. No matter your walk of life, ethnicity, religion, on some level this reigns true.
This may sound like a bad thing, but it is in that realisation and working through that trauma that we learn to lean on one another and ask for help. By doing this, we grow stronger individually and as a collective.
​We as women need not only to communicate better and create deeper networks but do more to support each other. Really walk the walk and champion each other through all the different avenues of life whether that be relationships, spirituality, businesses, or just basic personal development. It is no longer enough to say that we support women, we must put that into action and be there holding one another up so that we can succeed in our journey.


 About your facilitators

Sacred Unveiling is honoured to partner with Shoshana Sadia &  Kat Wheeler
Shoshana is a Women's Empowerment Mentor and Cycle Guide who works with modern, spiritual women desiring to live connected, conscious lives. Drawing on ancient teachings and womb wisdom to guide women into deeper states of self-love, self-empowerment, and alignment. Educating women on how they can harness the power of their natural rhythms and step into their feminine flow. Shoshi combines powerful spiritual practices, mindset, and embodiment work to shift inner states of being that will manifest externally. Her life's purpose is to use her experience, intuitive wisdom, and deep spiritual education to serve women on their journeys through awakening.
Kat is a mindset and mindfulness coach. A mother of two, she really struggled to connect to herself and have self acceptance. She developed chronic pain and fatigue from burnout and stress and decided to change her life and study in different mindfulness, mindset and embodiment practices. She now helps mothers feel calm and empowered through 1:1 coaching and experience community and connection facilitating womens circles. Kat has a welcoming energy and wants other mothers to experience the full pleasure of life through self acceptance.


Ananda yoga Belgrave
1681 Burwood Highway Belgrave, Victoria, 3160
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