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sacred women's retreat

11.11.22 TO 14.11.22  

An all inclusive 3 night retreat for women, by women... 

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Awaken the Goddess
Unveil your Authentic Self
Unleash the Wild Woman.
Let's be real, we by our feminine-lead-nature are nurturers, a lot of the time put the needs of others before our own. This means we simply don't give ourselves enough time or permission to play, to practice self-care, and to simply let go and be ourselves.

We tend to justify this in our minds as a sense of "duty". However, we neglect to notice that the quality of our nurture depletes over time when we are not taking the time to recharge and restore ourselves. Remember, you can't give what you don't have so when you aren't at 100% neither are your connections with others.

We encourage you to express your true, deeper, effervescent YOU!

Our facilitators have experienced this style of transformation first hand, they thank the stars and express daily gratitude for the outcome it has brought into their lives and their biggest wish is to share it with more women. This is how our retreat was birthed into reality.

This is not just another girl's vacay (although we love those too!), it's not a holiday. This is a carefully curated experience for those who want to finally reconnect with and embrace that which has laid dormant within them for far too long.

Awaken the Goddess  |  Unveil your Authentic Self  |  Unleash the Wild Woman.

Across 3 nights we will share impactful experiences together, there will be laughter, tears, healing, joy, fun and learnings. Our aim is to empower and arm you with the know-how to make a real difference in your life. Not only will you feel physically and energetically rejuvenated but you will be able to integrate these learnings into your everyday lives, bringing forward impactful change and lasting growth.

In saying this, we don't want to sugarcoat it... This retreat isn't for the faint of heart.
You may feel challenged, you may reopen old wounds but... it is only from the darkness that we are able to reemerge into light that is blindingly beautiful and we cannot wait to facilitate, witness and nurture your long-overdue journey of discovery.

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Because we believe all women are worthy and deserving of the opportunity to unwind, let go and release in order to allow new space to grow, to change and to delve deeper into their authentic self.

We have done it ourselfves and know just how unbelievably rewarding it can be.
Daylesford, VIC, Australia
(Address will be sent upon booking)
November 11th -
November 14th 2022
You identify as a woman
You're ready to cut the cord
You want to own your power
You're ready to make a change
You want genuine connection
You need an immersive experience
You need to unwind
You want to disconnect
An all inclusive 3 night retreat for women, by women...
In the high vibrational township of daylesford.
Step away from your earthly duties into a blissful getaway.
Empower yourself with the knowledge to learn to
Awaken the Goddess 
Unveil your Authentic Self 
Unleash the Wild Woman.
Combining Ancient and Sacred knowledge to bring you a journey of discovery through experiences.
Some of these experiences include:
Women's Circles
Art Therapy
Sound Healing
Plant Medicine