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saturnalia RITUAL

calling all witches for an end of year ritual to signify the end of a cycle and celebrate the beginning of a new earth rotation



DATE: Thursday 22.12.22
Number 2 is a symbol of balance, prosperity, teamwork, peace and harmony. This is why we are using the date 22.12.22 to amplify our manifestation culminating in the powerful energy of womanhood.
TIME: 12pm - 3pm
LOCATION: Sacred Unveiling Studio

 Who is this right for?

✔️ A woman with an open mind.
✔️ A baby witch wanting to learn more about rituals and magic.
✔️ A witch wanting to reconnect to the art of coven practices


Saturnalia is the ancient celebration traditionally honouring the agricultural god Saturn. Marking the end of the planting season, and calling in the harvest season. This celebration is known more commonly as the origin of modern-day Christmas. Celebrated from the 17th to the 23rd of December (Witch's Christmas).
Inspired by this tradition we are celebrating the end of our 2022 intended to be used as a powerful vessel to pay gratitude for the year passed and manifest our wishes for the year to come.

 What We Do

✨ We begin with an introduction

✨ Grounding Meditation

✨ Drink ceremonial cacao

✨ Add drops of Ancient Blue Lotus Elixir

✨ Gratitude ritual of thanks to the year past

✨ Intention setting for the year to come

✨ Manifestation ritual using herbal & candle magic

 WHATs included

✨ Burning Ritual
✨ A wide range of herbs 
✨ Spell Candle
✨ Anointing oil
✨ Ceremonial Cacao
✨ Ancient egyptian Blue Lotus Elixir


✨ Comfy Clothing
✨ Comfy Shoes you can easily take off
✨ A Journal & A Pen


Please note that this is strictly a white magic ritual and we are white/herbal magic witches. We do not discriminate against your personal practice but we do believe it is important to state in order to clarify what we do. Please also keep in mind that Saturnalia is celebrated by factions of all variations.

 About your facilitator

Hello you beautiful soul, I'm Aya a spiritual woman first and foremost. I spend most of my time practising and educating myself on the different methods, avenues, theories and philosophies of the universe. Our miraculous existence is ever-expanding and knows no bounds. This is why every one of us has our own path to lead.
I was guided by spirit to share my experiences and create new ones with my fellow women after spending a lot of time meditating and listening, in the hopes of opening new avenues of expression to you, my sisters. I absolutely cannot wait to share with you and learn from you at our next event and set out on this path of self-expression, joy and most importantly, fun!

 The Space

Located close to transport this hidden studio is easy to get to yet quiet.
Address: Sacred Unveiling Studio - 8/48-52 Sydney Road, Coburg
NOTE: Please Buzz #8 upon arrival
Coburg Meditation Wellness Spiritual Studio
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