Shoe guide

Okay, so some of you may be wondering...

How much could one really learn about shoes? Enough to have a page dedicated to it?

YES! Exactly.

They say, "You can tell alot about a man by his shoes". If that is so, then don't you want your shoe to say the right thing about you?


A shoe has many aspects...

Lets start with the materials that make a good shoe (in my opinion).

A perfect shoe to me would be a shoe with;

Genuine leather lining and upper

Synthetic rubber sole

A cushioned collar

and hidden reinforced eyelets

Simple, Right?

Let me explain...

The lining and upper are the parts of the shoe which mold around your foot.

Idealy you want this to be leather so that it holds it's shape, molds to your foot and lets your foot breathe.

Now your thinking well if I want that to be leather then why have I opted for a synthetic rubber sole? Easy, because I want durability and just like the wheels on your car, which are constantly in touch with the ground, rubber is the best material for constant ground contact.
Hidden reinforced eyelets? HUH? My shoes have eyes?!
These are the holes that your laces pierce through... Sounds painful doesn't it?
Well yes, it is, sort of. Your laces are constantly moving as you are, they repeatedly rub against the rings of the eyelets so having them reinforced to protect the laces as well as the precious leather is exactly what you want. Also to have them hidden means you can have the luxury of a continuous eyelet look while still benifiting from the durability.


I can go on and on but I will stop there for now.



The perfect shoe for the perfect occassion.

Ask yourself these questions;

Where will I wear them?

How often will I wear them?

How versitile are they?

You need to know the answers to these questions.


Here are 2 examples


The Dress Shoe

There are many shoes that can be worn with hundreds of different colours and shades, for dressy or casual occasions, etc.

If you want a premium shoe for special occassions, that you know you won't be wearing as much as your day to day ones then you already know that the soul doesn't need to be rubber, because you aren't going to be walking on everyday surfaces like concrete with them.


The Work Shoe

If you want a shoe for work and that you will be wearing day in and day out, well then you want a rubber soul, reinforced eyelets and possibly a split toe. 

Thats a new one right? Well, a split toe means that there is a stitching accross the top of the shoe that splits the toe area from the rest of the shoe. This means that when walking, that crease that developes in a shoe over time is reinforces and won't split the leather with repeated wears.




The 'last but not least' deciding factor of your shoe purchase is the fun part...



When I think look, I mainly think colour & toe shape.


Lets start with the simple.

Square, Round, Point & Squoval.

These are the 4 toe shapes that you will come accross these are constantly changing trends but let me help you out.

A pointy toe is a classic easy to wear dressy shape that won't fade any time soon.

A rounded toe is another easy to wear shape which is very versitile in that you could wear the shoe formally or for a more dressy occassion.

 A square toe is one that I personally can no longer look at without judging a book by its cover. Do Not Do It!

A squoval is for the man who is very much attached to his very first square toe shoe that he bought years ago but wants to update without going completely out of his comfort zone.



This isn't hard for someone with an eye for colour pallets, but I find that for a man that may just be asking too much. So for the avarage joe, here are some basic rules.


Navy Suit = Brown Shoes & Belt

Charcoal Suit = Brown or Black Shoes & Belt

Black Suit = Black Shoes & Belt

Silver Suit = Black Shoes & Belt

Light Blue Suit = Tan Shoes & Belt

Brown/Beige/Stone Suit = Navy or Brown Shoes & Belt