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Sacred Sisters' Night In

A night-in with like-minded sisters, creating memories to last a lifetime. Think slumber party, minus the slumber
Coburg Meditation Wellness Spiritual Studio


 Who are we?

Put simply, we are women (all who identify as) who understand and respect the power and importance of the divine feminine.
This night is intended to encourage us to create genuine connections with like-minded women, enjoy each other's company, let loose and live a little. We want to reignite the communal "fun" we all miss experiencing from our childhoods... This is the place to reconnect with your inner child and experience that playfulness you've ignored for far too long.

 Who is this right for?

✔️ A woman wanting to have some fun and laughter.
✔️ A woman with an open mind.
✔️ A woman leading with an open heart or wanting to.
✔️ A woman looking to connect with other women.
✔️ A woman that thrives on nourishing her mind with the beauty life has to offer.

 What We Do

✨ Omnomnom away at a grazing platter
✨ Play some ice-breaking games
✨ Share stories (sometimes embarrassing, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting)
✨ Connect to source through the art of tarot to find out more about our personal journeys
✨ Try out different meditations and spiritual rituals
✨ Listen & Sign along to cheezy tunes
✨ Watch Classic chick-flicks
✨ Drink some ceremonial cacao
✨ or BYO some wine if we're not driving home

 Why we do this

After being fortunate enough to be running booked out women's circle for a while, we thought why not add another night to our event calendar. A night to connect us, women, but with a little more "spice". So we decided to create a girls night-in where we can all share in some fun, joy and laughter and create lasting memories


✨ A Journal
✨ BYO wine/drinks (if you wish to get drink alcohol we don't mind, we just aren't licensed to serve it. We do have glasses though)
✨ Comfy Shoes you can easily take off
✨ Pyjamas (if you're comfortable to do so)

 About your facilitator

Hello you beautiful soul, I'm Aya a spiritual woman first and foremost. I spend most of my time practising and educating myself on the different methods, avenues, theories and philosophies of the universe. Our miraculous existence is ever-expanding and knows no bounds. This is why every one of us has our own path to lead.
I was guided by spirit to share my experiences and create new ones with my fellow women after spending a lot of time meditating and listening, in the hopes of opening new avenues of expression to you, my sisters. I absolutely cannot wait to share with you and learn from you at our next event and set out on this path of self-expression, joy and most importantly, fun!

 The Space

Located close to transport this hidden studio is easy to get to yet quiet.
Address: Sacred Unveiling Studio - 8/48-52 Sydney Road, Coburg
NOTE: Please Buzz #8 upon arrival
Please Note:
  • If you are unable to stay until 1am, that is not an issue. You are free to leave whenever you feel you'd like to. This is a space that encourages you to listen to your own needs. 
  • Spaces are limited as this is intended to be an intimate gathering.
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