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What are Spell Jars and how are they made?

Spell Jars are a great way to assist in the challenges of life. Whether you would like to attract new love, protect yourself or your home there is always a spell jar for that.

The process of making a spell jar is a bit more complex than simply placing some herbs into a jar and calling it a day.

Firstly, the jar needs to be cleansed and I don't mean with bleach, but more of a spiritual cleanse. It is ideal for the witch creating these jars to have cleansed, meditated, and set her intentions before beginning. 

Then depending on what the jar will be used for, we select what we'd like to incorporate into it. There is no one correct way or correct ingredient list that is to be followed. There are many different herbs, plants, flowers, feathers, crystals, etc that mean different things so it really depends on what you feel will work best for the jar you're making.

Once all the hard work is done and all your must-haves are in, you can feel free to get creative and personalize your jar with additional additives. This may be a charm, some gold flakes, or anything that you may like to incorporate to make this more of a special spell jar.

Do this before setting your intentions for the jar. Intention setting is a powerful beast and it can really help to set this intention once everything is in the jar including selected items that don't naturally contain magickal properties.

When satisfied with the final outcome your intention setting may begin and once done, seal your jar with candle wax.


Although I have seen many fellow witches drip wax onto the lid of their jars, my personal method is to dip the head of the jar into wax creating an airtight seal reducing the risk of "missed spots".

When creating spell jars for others as I do, it becomes even more important to create a self-cleansing ritual prior to beginning so that my personal energy isn't influencing the energy of the spell jar and it can be set with the right intentions.

How do I use a Spell Jar?

Spell jars can be used in a few different ways. It all depends on your intentions. They will work just fine no matter where you place them or what you do with them however, there are optimal methods.

Here is a list of the best ways to use your spell jars depending on their intention:

New Love:

When it comes to new love we encourage the fire element to grow and therefore it is encouraged to use ritualistically. You can place the jar's contents in your cauldron or a fireproof bowl (please take care when doing this) and light it on fire. Let the aromas of the herbs fill your space while you meditate on your intentions and welcome in new love.


Very similar to the process of the new love spell jars, these are spell jars that are also most effective when the contents are set on fire however in this case it is encouraged to do this in the space of your bedroom which is the most intimate and passion invoking environment. 


Money is usually associated with work, career, and business. It is encouraged to keep these spell jars either at your place of work, your car, your business, your handbag, or even your school locker if you are studying.



Nowhere is better to place this type of spell jar than your bedside table or a dedicated meditation area. This is where you do a lot of your natural cleansing work and these jars will aid and assist you with your growth.


Health spell jars are best utilized where you feel you need them most, depending on your focus area. Some ideas are near your bed, in your car or in your kitchen. These are also absolutely perfect to gift to someone in a hospital or recovering from illness, as well as someone who is about to go into hospital or even on vacation.


Self Love:

Self-love jars are very personal. It is up to you where you place these. Think of where you feel most vulnerable. For example this can be in front of or near a mirror you regularly access. You have the answers and need to trust your intuition as to where the best placement would be.

Home Protection:

When protecting your home, there is nowhere better than near your front door. This type of spell jar is filled with goodies that block negative energy and encourage positivity. They are not limited just to your home either, think your store or office entrance. Those are great places too.


The placement of these jars strongly depend on what you want protection from. You can place them under your driver's seat to protect yourself from harm on the road. If you're protecting yourself from evil spirits or energy draining while practicing your metaphysical work, then your alter may be the best place. If you believe you are being contacted by malevolent beings you can either place the jar where you believe they are most active or open the jar and sprinkle the contents around openings in your space such as windows, doors, or creat a circle for your "safe space" like you would with salt (these jars should always contain salt)


Psychic/Metaphysical Ability:

Place these spell jars in your sacred working space. This may be your alter or your meditation room. Additionally, if you are undertaking spell work of a grander scale or trying to communicate with spirit or even with your higher self, you can pour some of the contents into your cauldron or fireproof bowl and light it. This will encourage a shift in the atmosphere and give you an ideal working space.



We all know it can be difficult to not only conseve or even carry a baby to full term so asking for help isn't always easy. It is important to not just use this jar as is, it is encouraged that you spend some time connecting with it and setting your own intentions. Give these jars some personal energy, care and nurture them and trust that they will assist you with your journey on becoming a mother or father when the time is right. Placement of these jars is less important than how you treat them. Although on your bedside  or under your bed may be ideal, remember to give them some sun to charge the crystals within them.