A man's guide to suiting

From experience, I have found that men of many ages still have no clue where to start when buying a suit. Here are some simple, easy to follow steps that I think are super important when it comes to wearing a suit rather than allowing a suit to wear you.


1. Don't choose a colour that washes you out!
If you are fair skinned try starting with a dark navy or charcoal. This gives you room for creativity without bright overwhelming colours.


If you have darker skin, try out a pale blue, vibarent blue, or stone. This will exadurate your rich skin tone and enable you to make a statement.

3. Be adventurous with your Tie & Pocket Square!

If your suit & shirt combination is classic with no heavy detailing, Expirement with a fun tie.

Ties are the focal point of your outfit.

They can make or break all the hard work you have put in!
Mixing patterns and textures is accepted and in fact encouraged.

For example, If you have a paisly printed tie, don't be afraid of inserting a spotted pocket square. The times of buying box sets of ties and pocket squares are far behind us, as now it just looks cheap, tacky and overdone.

5. Accessorise! Accessorise! Accessorise!

Finally... Accessories.

Cufflinks | Tie Clips | Lapel Pins | Watches

These are the final decisions you'll make.

When working out which of these are vital to your outfit, here are a few things to consider.

1. What is the occassion?

2. Where is it being held?

3. What is the required attire?
4. Which season are you in?


If the occassion calls for a Tie, ALWAYS wear a tie clip, it isn't just an accessorie. It serves a purpose. A tie clip holds your tie firmly in place and alligned with your shirt.


If the occassion calls for the most dapper and trendy abilities, wear a Lapel Pin. A lapel pin adds a touch of personality to your outfit, it could be something that symbolizes you or simply a flower in the colour of your date's dress.


If the occassion calls for respect, elegance & class... Wear cufflinks!
& In any occassion... WEAR A WATCH!

A watch does a lot more than tell the time, a watch is the be all and end all of your taste. It gives the illusion that you have somewhere to be, that you are a busy man with a schedule... A watch is something you keep for a very long time and choosing a good one means you are a true gentleman with incredable decision making abilities.

2. Do create contrast between your Suit & Shirt.
If you have decided on a dark coloured suit let it stand out with a lighter coloured shirt.


If you have chosen a lighter more statement coloured suit, go with a darker shirt let it recead in the background while your suit speaks for itself.


This rule can be broken depending on the season it is worn. If you are to wear a lighter suit in order to embrace the sunlight of summer you may want to stick to a white or pale coloured shirt. You may see this sort of look at the races or a beachy wedding.


Another addition to shirts, I must say...

Many of you don't know how to tuck in your shirt!
1. Firmly tuck in the front of your shirt straight down the center and allign it with the belt buckle.

2. Work your hands from the front to the back, pulling all the excess shirt down your pants and to the back at the same time ensuring that the front is flat against your belly.

3. All that now gathered fabric at the back, pull it tightly, create with it a small fold and finally tuck it in firmly out of sight into the back of your pants.

4. Shoes are not just a last minute decision

I have styled too many men with the intention of investing in a suit, but when asked about shoes and belts are completely clueless.
The shoes and belt you wear with the suit you have just bought are not an afterthought!

They are just as important as forgetting to wear pants.

Here is a quick guide.


Navy Suit = Brown Shoes & Belt

Charcoal Suit = Brown or Black Shoes & Belt

Black Suit = Black Shoes & Belt

Silver Suit = Black Shoes & Belt

Light Blue Suit = Tan Shoes & Belt

Brown/Beige/Stone Suit = Navy Shoes & Belt

Also, Don't forget to either show some ankle or have fun with your socks!! Suiting is becoming more and more about the finer details